Today was kind of, well maybe, less robust than yesterday but did not lack
for interesting signals.

Was actually considering patching my main radio into an audio recorder and
record the entire
session for a podcast -- at least while the season continues to bloom -
might make for interesting
listening because it will include a voice track and the actual reception as
it happens.

YouTube snippets are fine - but they are not actually accurately
representing what is being heard -
and often the iPhone is not really capturing what my hears are hearing at
all well.

Todays view:

531 Khz - UNID - 1250 UTC - I always start my session at this end of the
dial - it's a good indicator of what might be lurking up the band. Today: A
good signal at times but still sub-threshold. That is, what might be a YL
talking but not at a level that is high enough to grasp - watched this
signal for the entire hour long session on the NHP Fish barrel and nothing
really changed.

567 Khz - JAPAN - 1251 UTC - Assuming the JJ speaker here (not quite the
levels of the past few days)

576 Khz - UNID - 1252 UTC - distinctly English speaking OM - at levels that
would not improve much on multiple passes during the hour.

594 Khz - JAPAN - 1252 UTC - Assuming the Japanese speaker - by 1311 UTC,
603 would appear with some more intelligence but could neither tell if it
was Korean or Chinese.

612 Khz - AUS (t) - 1320 UTC -> 1400 - Assuming the English bits that were
popping up increasingly more frequently as LSR approached.

657 Khz - DPRK(t) - 1312 UTC - Likely the chorale music in passing -

666 Khz - UNID - 1313 UTC - OM that sounded "likely" JJ in the middle of
what, I swear, sounded like a stock market report... begging the question -
are the markets at Nikkei open on "our Sunday" morning? Assuming it is....
the next day in Japan?

675 Khz - UNID - 1253 UTC - conversation of sorts that seemed maybe English
leaning - but not entirely sure.

702 Khz - AUS (t) - 1254 UTC - English speaker OM weather report - pretty
good "levels" from 1300 through 1400 UTC (was still there when I switched
off the radio ) but beaten pretty roundly by 690 splatter.

738 Khz - UNID -  1254 UTC - Lively YL chatter in unknown language - in a
shower of sparks from Vancouver 730. My FLAG points not quite directly at
the Vancouver flamethrowers but close enough that the Vancouver signals are
significantly higher in strength than my one Victoria AM 1070 which is in a
wonderful null.

747 Khz - Japan - 1255 UTC - good signal from this regular but not quite up
for what this channel offered yesterday. Japanese speaking - at the same
time 774 Khz was rock solid.

774 Khz - Japan - 1256 through sunrise - Consistently best low-band signal
all morning with typical programming - at 1350 had to stop and listening
intently because the focus had switched to entirely English programming
with a lilt more indicative of ABC programming. Possible.

792 Khz - UNID - good threshold signals here most of the session - with a
bit more persistence would have likely dredged up the predictable AUS
station here. But not today.

828 Khz -  1305 -> 1350 Japan - fair/good today but maybe not quite the
oomph of the last few days.

846, 855, 864 Threshold and at times good signal strength yielding snippets
of intelligence but nothing worthy noted in passing. The "spread" from 819
to 972 is among the most fascinating to me for the variety of teasers -
signals that generally don't live up to much (apart from the "bigs" on 828
and 972 that is...)

873Khz - 1325 UTC - there is an S5 to S7 domestic buzz that sits on this
channel quashing attempts for something to break through - but there was
music pushing through at times to good levels - no language heard.

In part II, I'll post a couple of YouTube videos and pick up where I left
up starting with the 891 Khz saga.

Receivers - DRAKE R8, AOR-7030+, DX150B, NHP Online Fish Barrel
Antennas - W/NW Flag with Wellbrook FLG100 head AMP and VACTROL controller
(made by yours truly)
Wellbrook ALA100 (N/S)


Colin Newell - Editor and creator *of *
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VA7WWV | Twitter @CoffeeCrew | Victoria - Canada
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