The less common Asians which took a day off yesterday were back in force this 
morning, boosted by a generous sunrise enhancement after 1310. 603-China 
(fair), 657-Pyongyang (unfortunately good), 738-BEL2 (fair in Frisco splatter), 
a presumed 936-Anhui (poor) and 1044-CRI (fair) provided some excitement in 
addition to the potent big gun signals on 594, 693, 747, 774, 828, 972, 1053 
and 1566. 

In the predawn darkness the band was already showing good variety at 1255, but 
really got lively after 1310. Although TP signals weren't quite as strong as 
during Friday's exceptional session there were still plenty of low-band Asians 
to chase, including 657-Pyongyang with its shouting harangues (and 3 +1 pips at 
1330), 738-BEL2 (with the usual Chinese female news announcer, in and out of 
KCBS noise) and a repeat performance from 1044-CRI's Japanese service. 603 had 
a poor to fair signal with female Chinese speech in and out, and 936's poor 
audio also had Chinese inflection. Because of the diverse variety of Asians not 
too much attention was paid to the Japanese and Korean big guns, but most of 
them sounded pretty energetic throughout sunrise enhancement. 972-HLCA's 
bizarre singing practice hit S9 levels occasionally, and 594-JOAK was also 
unusually strong again. Overall the session was pretty interesting, and worth 
the slight sacrifice of sleep. 

657 Pyongyang BS The usual Korean male harangue at a good level at 1313; 
shouting seems to be mandatory in the programming 
3 + 1 time pips at good level on the half hour at 1330 (Kim Jong Un standard 

738 BEL2 Penghu, Taiwan The usual Chinese female news announcer at a fair level 
at 1318 

73 and Good DX, 
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA) 
7.5" loopstick C.Crane Skywave Ultralight + 
15" FSL antenna 

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