Thank you so much for the kind words! There is nothing quite like the raw
excitement of
picking up your first trans-continental, cross-border, international,
trans-pacific, trans-atlantic or trans-polar medium (or long) wave radio

For me: 1969 hearing WWL in New Orleans on 870, 1972 - hearing Mexico on a
standard issue AM radio with loop stick antenna. (XETRA 690 and XEMO 860
Khz), Spring of 1975 hearing Japan on 830 and 770 khz, Europe in September
1976 and then the paradigm shift of the 9khz band plan being introduced in
Australasia - opening up a myriad of listening opportunities.

I have seen the best years of SW listening come and go (and we are now in a
steady decline...)
but MW DXing is a very vital, alive and well and likely will be for years
to come.

It's a inspiration being a part of such a lively community of radio

Colin in Victoria B.C. Canada

For me

On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 5:56 PM, Donald Barnes via IRCA <> wrote:

> Subject: JOUB 9-16-16 CO
> Here is a link to my first TP DX video. Thanks for the inspiration Colin!
> Craig Barnes
> Wheat Ridge, CO
> Drake R8A
> WNW Conti loop
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