Other than hearing JOIB and JOUB, there is little to report this morning.

774 JOUB at 1039-1045 poor-to-fair woman in JJ; at 1126 fair EE lesson, peaking 
to good level at 1128-1130.  
972 unID (HLCA?) weak het in 970 WDAY sideband, gone later in session.
747 JOIB at 1137 poor in WSB & KMMJ slop.
612 unID weak het in 610 KCSP sideband.
828 unID (JOBB?) strong het at 1157-1206, much weaker by 1216.
702 unID (2BL?) het from WSW at 1209-1211.

Receiver: PL-380 with 8-inch FSL.

Richard Allen,
near Perry OK USA.

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