*I wouldn't say that yesterday was better or worse than yesterday - it was
different. The sunrise boost, as I will illustrate in the logbook*
*was intense, brief and somewhat breathtaking - and I caught it all on

*Overall, signals may have been down a bit, on average, but the sunrise
boost give a good kick - a little more scattered today*
*as I was paying less attention to the regulars and concentrating on some
house keeping; Gray DeBock's curiosity about 1566 Khz for instance.*

*531 Khz* 1310Z NHK1 JOQG Morioka really, really struggling and // to 567
(and better than yesterday - and that's being generous!)

*567 Khz* 1312Z NHK1 JOIK Hokkaido network programming (using as one of my
parallel spotters...) at times fair -

*594 Khz*  1313Z NHK1 JOAK Tokyo - solid // to 567 with network programming
- Fair today but with breathtaking fades every few minutes

*603 Khz* 1314Z KBS2 Seoul - Happy FM (t) Korean patter doing better than
yesterday despite the band conditions -

*612 khz*  1322Z 4QR Brisbane - felt, on average, slightly bolder than
yesterday and for longer.

*666 Khz* 1314Z NHK1 JOBK Osaka // 567 and 594 at times fair - good (this
channel also better than yesterday at exactly the same time)

*702 khz* 1316Z UNID - Clearly English programming in the mud and splash of

*747 Khz* 1323Z NHK2 - JOIB - Sapporo, Hokkaido - massive in time for a
13:50Z blast of SR enhancement

*774 Khz* 1322Z NHK2 - JOUB - Akita - NHK2  - always there - but some
fascinating deep dives at times - huge SR enhancement

*828 Khz* 1330Z NHK2 - JOBB - Osaka - Typical Japanese programming - fr.
gd. did not notice that much of an SR boost

*864 Khz* 1339Z UNID - pretty clearly Korean - but this is one of my "dirty
channels" - lots of co-channel joisting and off frequency muck.

*873 Khz* 1340Z  NHK2 - JOAB - Kumamoto -  // to 774 JOUB Akita - not 1/2
of what it was yesterday - but SR bursts

*891 Khz* 1319Z  NHK1 - JOHK - Sendai, Miyagi - solid parallel to 594 Khz
and slightly better overall today

*918 Khz* 1336Z UNID - I felt quite confident that I was hearing Japanese -
and 909 was yielding some - will look again tomorrow

*963 Khz* 1335Z CRI China (600kw) - Russian again - but not quite the
clarity of yesterday

*954 Khz* 1350Z TBS JOKR Tokyo (t) assuming the more relaxed commercial
style Japanese programming - at times fair - better than yesterday.

*972 Khz* 1349Z KBS HLCA - Korean at full-on sunrise boost (as shown in
accompanying YouTube highlight reel...) at this strength the average car
radio would have no trouble picking it up.

*1017 Khz* 1337Z - CNR - China - Korean programming - not quite as lean and
clean as yesterday

*1053 Khz* 1337Z - Korea S. - Jammer in solid - all alone and in for the
entire session - no other suitors.

*1089 Khz* 1349Z - NHK2 - Miyagi - Sendai - Surprise // to 774 khz quite
good at times - square in the SR Boost cross-hairs

*1107 Khz* 1338Z - UNID - Fairly clear music here for a bit - but I did not
hang around.

*1242 Khz* 1346Z - JOLF (t) Tokyo - somewhat better today - particularly
during an impressive SR boost

*1287 Khz* 1348Z - JOHR (t) Hokkaido - massive boost as shown on the
morning highlight reel.

*1386 Khz* 1321Z - NHK2 Various locations - easy // to 774 Khz and well
before any LSR boost. pleasant surprise

*1566 Khz* 13--Z - HLAZ - Korea -  stopped by frequently and it may have
been the morning winner for the most sustained signal - no clear evidence
of anything untoward happening here - but I just made
                 an iPhone video ( on the YouTube reel...)

Notes -  there were, maybe, a few more signals possibly yielding
intelligence if I hung around more, dug a little deeper - and there were
some X Band hints -
I probably missed a few things here - because it was hopping and bopping -
with lots of swings in overall band-wide strength.

Housekeeping for today is to replace the largely useless ALA100 N/S loop
(in an apple tree) which is almost useless for TP's or TA's and replace it
was a E/NE Flag - come one sun shine!

RECEIVERS - Drake R8  //  AOR 7030+ //  DX150B //  NHP Fish Barrel spotter
   ANTENNAS - W/NW Flag + FLG100 (Wellbrook head) + my professionally made
VACTROL termination controllers -

Video Reel - https://youtu.be/mN38jCDqChQ

Colin Newell - Editor and creator *of *Coffeecrew.com
<http://www.Coffeecrew.com> and DXer.ca <http://www.DXer.ca> -
VA7WWV | Twitter @CoffeeCrew | Victoria - Canada
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