Hi Guys:

   Here is my AM DX Report for the last 6 Days or so. Pretty good conditions 
noted at Sunset and Sunrise for this early in the Season. 9 New Stations were 
logged with lots of Lower Powered Stuff included.


ANTENNA……………….WELLBROOK ALA-1530 LNP Imperium Loop

AM LOG TOTALS are…………….. 1876 Stations Heard

73…………..ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

730  KKDA  Grand Prairie, TEXAS  Sept/19/16  0658 EDT    EE     FAIR
Instrumental Korean Music @ 0658-59 EDT. Female DJ with ENGLISH ID as 
"You are now listening to KKDA 730 AM - Grand Prairie/Dallas-Ft. Worth -
Korean Dallas Radio". Into more Instrumental Music @ 0700 EDT.
Shocked to find this…….

NEW STN               500 WATTS!!!
970  WDAY  Fargo, NORTH DAKOTA   Sept/17/16  0659 EDT    EE     FAIR
Male DJ with "970 WDAY" Station Promo and Sports Event Mention @ 0659 EDT.
IDs @ 0700 as "WDAY - News Talk Sports Radio" and "970 WDAY Fargo-Moorhead".
Into ABC NEWS by Female Announcer.

NEW STN                   10 kW
970  WAMD  Aberdeen, MARYLAND  Sept/17/16  1959 EDT     EE     GOOD
Multi-City/Call ID by Male DJ @ 1959 EDT as "WAMD Aberdeen, WKHZ Easton,
and WYRE Annapolis/Baltimore". Into Pop Music @ 1959-2002 EDT.

NEW STN                           300/500 WATTS
1710  KKF800  Springfield, MASSACHUSETTS  Sept/17/16  1959 EDT  EE  PR-FR
Female with Continuous Loop for the "Springfield Armory National Historical 
@ 1959 EDT. Mentioned "Find out how the Springfield Armory……." and "Springfield
Armory National Historical Site in Springfield, Ma". 

NEW STN              TIS STN                10 WATTS
1600   WTTF  Tiffin, OHIO   Sept/20/16  0658 EDT    EE    FAIR
Instrumental National Anthem @ 0658-0700 EDT. Male DJ with ID @ 
0700 EDT as "WTTF AM 1600 and 93.3 Reconvenes it's Broadcast Day 
with News Director James Duffy".  Into OHIO news items.

NEW STN                   500/19 WATTS
1170 KOWZ  Waseca, MINNESOTA  Sept/20/16  0658 EDT     EE     FAIR
Oldies "Come go with me" @ 0658-0701 EDT. Female DJ with ID @ 0701 as
"This is KRUE COUNTRY - KOWZ AM Waseca". Mentioned FM Frequencies and a 
Into more Oldies Mx "Cherry Baby" by Neil Diamond.

NEW STN                       2.5 kW/5 Watts
1550  WTTC  Towanda, PENNSYLVANIA  Sept/20/16  0558 EDT     EE   FAIR
Oldies Music 0558-0600 EDT. ID by Male DJ as "You're listening to Golden Oldies 
WTZN Troy and WTTC Towanda". Into more Oldies Music.

NEW STN                   500/4 Watts
1100  WGPA  Bethlehem, PA.  Sept/19/16   1856 EDT    EE     FAIR
Twangy Classic Country music @ 1856-59 EDT. Female DJ with ID as "1100 WGPA".
Mostly under WTAM Cleveland. Female DJ with Talk @ 1900 EDT. Into more Classic
C/W by Male Singer.

NEW STN                          250 Watts DAYTIMER
1040  WLCR  Mount Washington, KENTUCKY  1855 EDT    EE    FAIR
Catholic Answers Program @ 1855 EDT. Spot for Ken Ham and "Answers
Radio Dot Com" url given. Catholic Promos and PSA @ 1900 EDT. EWTN
ID and signature Tune @ 1900. Into Catholic Talk.  Under WHO Des Moines.

NEW STN                      1.5 kW DAYTIMER
1590   WPSN  Honesdale, PENNSYLVANIA  Sept/15/16  1759 EDT    EE      FAIR
Male DJ with Talk @ 1759-1800 EDT. ID on hour as "WPSN - Honesdale - Wayne Pike
News Radio - 104.3 FM/101.9 FM and 1590 AM". Into News @ 1800 EDT.

RELOG……But NEW CALLS   EX-WAEN                 2.5 kW/15 Watts Nights
1710  WQFG689  Jersey City, NEW JERSEY     Sept/18/16   1940 EDT   EE   PR-FR
Hudson County Emergency Management Station. Male Announcer with NOAA Weather
and Emergency Weather Preparedness Tips @ 1940-45 EDT

RELOG            TIS Station                    10 WATTS
700  KHSE  Wylie, TEXAS  Sept/19/16  0658 EDT     EE/SPANISH     GOOD
SS Ballad by male singer @ 0658 EDT. ID by Male DJ in EE @ 0700 EDT as
"KHSE 700 AM - Wylie, Dallas, Ft. Worth". Into SS Talk by Male DJ.

RELOG             1500/920 Watts
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