After taking yesterday off, the big guns from Japan returned this morning. More exciting though was the X-band, which had the best morning of the season with several signals and where I was actually able to ID a station, a rather rare event up there!

594    JOAK    Tokyo, JAPAN    Fair signal, with man in Japanese at 1241.

693    JOAB    Tokyo, JAPAN    Woman in Japanese first noted at 1227.

747    JOIB    Sapporo, JAPAN    Fair with English lesson at 1239.

774    JOUB    Akita, JAPAN    Woman in Japanese at 1227. //693.

828 JOBB Osaka, JAPAN English lesson, // other NHK2 signals at 1240.

1116 4BC Brisbane, AUSTRALIA Their regular male announcer talking at 1306.

1476 unID Just like yesterday, bits of audio briefly here with man speaking at 1254.

1566 Woman talking at 1255. Poor signal, but seemed English rather than Asian, so perhaps 3NE.

1593 unID Traces of talk at 1256. Suspect DU, but didn't seem English, perhaps Rete Italia.

1611 Vision Radio AUSTRALIA Only one signal here this morning, on frequency, with talk by a woman at 1255, followed by a Christian song. Quite easily paralleled with the web stream. Will never know which one it was of the several transmitters they have on 1611, but still nice to actually ID an X-band signal.

1629.03 unID AUSTRALIA  Traces of music at 1258.

1638 Radio Lebanon AUSTRALIA Presumed the one with recitations at 1256, followed by talk by a woman.

1665 unID, AUSTRALIA Traces of talk at 1257, followed by a vocal by a woman. About 95% certain it was // with Vision on 1611.

1683.28 unID, AUSTRALIA Man talking at 1256, then music. If I recall correctly, Club AM was the one well off channel here.

1701 unID, AUSTRALIA A real mess here, with similar strength signals on 1701.02, 1701.06, and 1701.09, and at least two of them with audio. The constantly changing strengths made it very hard to pick out which was which.


Nigel Pimblett
Dunmore, AB
Perseus SDR with Wellbrook Phased Array
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