Finally had a chance to have a detailed look at this morning's SDR
recording.  I was still having unknown noise below 660 kHz some of the
time, and some very weak broadband noise.  But, an excellent session with a
peak from about 1240-1310UT.  Local GPS sunrise at 1316UT (6:16am).   Many
of these ratings would have went up a category if not for the usual
domestic splatter from being inland.  10' x 18' Conti Superloop pointing
320 degrees (a few degrees north of Japan).

Very good audio:
774 NHK2 EE lessons into 1300UT TOH (JOUB)

Good audio:
972 man talking after brief interstitial music and maybe an ID by a woman
at 1258UT (HLCA)

Fair audio:
747 NHK2 EE lessons at 1253UT plus weak TOH pip at 1300UT (JOIB)
1053 Korean jammer at 1244UT
1566 woman talking at 1241UT (presumed HLAZ)

Weak audio:
558 woman talking at 1307UT (HLQH?)
693 NHK2 EE lessons at 1246UT through rough 690 and 700 KALL splatter (JOAB)
873 man talking at 1259UT (JOGB?)
1593 talking at 1306UT (presumed CNR)

Marginal audio:
594, 657, 756, 819, 936, 945, 963, 1143, 1206, 1323

Strong carrier (enough to produce a het on adjacent domestic):
567, 603, 621, 675, 729, 738, 765, 792, 801, 828, 837, 846, 855, 864, 882,
891, 954, 981, 1008, 1017, 1035, 1089, 1098, 1134, 1242, 1251, 1287, 1359,
1548, 1575

Weak carrier visible on SDR display:
Virtually every other non-10kHz frequency below 1600 kHz, except near
1450/1490 where I have a notch filter to quench the locals.

Brian Rachford - Prescott, AZ
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