It was a good morning for hearing the high-powered NHK 2 stations.

567 trace of signal at 1155.
594 trace of signal at 1217 (LSR).
666 trace of signal at 1208.
693 JOAB, Tokyo, poor in KGGF-690 slop with EE lesson at 1214.
702 unID weak carrier from WSW direction at 1216.
747 JOIB, Sapporo, first heard at 1116 with fair signal in WSB & CJVR QRM 
(audible on barefoot Skywave rx); fair at 1202 with EE lesson.
747 JOUB, Akita, poor at 1108; fair with NHK TS at 1200 followed by EE lesson; 
still heard after sunrise until fading away at 1224. 
828 JOBB, Osaka, het at 1126 in WCCO sideband; good signal (best of morning) at 
1214 with EE lesson.
891 faint het at 1144 in KLTR-890 QRM.
954 trace of signal at 1142.
972 strong het against WDAY-970 at 1129.
1053 ROK Jammer good strength at 1204.
1098 unID het at 1133, later at 1206.
1134 trace of signal at 1135.

PL-380 with 8-inch FSL.

Richard Allen.

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