This morning was something of a TP DX *master class* - lots of the
regulars, lots of the 2nd tier stations - lots of surprises - full session
from 1255 UTC until I switched things off at 1405 to hit the showers and

think about the work day - Highlight reel over here -

Split into TWO parts to avoid the dreaded kb limit -

*558 Khz* 1302Z KBS2 Korea - noted // to the superior signal on 603 Khz

*567 Khz* 1259Z NHK1 JOIK Hokkaido - solid all morning –

*594 Khz*  1303Z NHK1 JOAK Tokyo - solid // to 567 with network programming

*603 Khz* 1303Z KBS2 Seoul - Happy FM (t) Korean  - good level

*639 Khz* 1304Z UNID Really struggling against local buzz - near audio
quite often

*657 Khz* 1305Z DPRK (t) Pyongyang - Good levels in the clear for a change
- probably best level this season.

*666 Khz* 1306Z NHK1 JOBK Osaka // 567 100% copy JJ YL a

*675 khz* 1348Z UNID - A tad more oriental sounding this AM - likely in a
snippet on morning video

*693 Khz* 1310Z NHK2 JOAB Tokyo - massive struggle with 690 // to NHK2 -
audible in 1-2 second intervals

*702 Khz* 1307Z UNID More of a mosh pit this morning with 2 - 3 combatants

*738 Khz *1308Z UNID - lively band music but jetting the sense knocked out
of it by 730 Vancouver

*747 Khz* 13XXZ NHK2 - JOIB - Sapporo, Hokkaido - pretty much all morning -
an example of a "Big Gun"

*756/765Khz* 1308Z - *UNID* - really good signals at time in music
programming - did not hang around for intelligence

*774 Khz* 1308Z - NHK2 - JOUB Akita - arguably the #2 biggest signal of the
morning but #1 most present over the duration of the session

*792 Khz* 1309Z - UNID - and at 1340 - Very big signal at times but
battling splash - one of my more stubborn channels - always has something -
but rarely much sustance

*819 Khz* 1332Z - KCBS - Pyongyang - all alone at times (On YouTube
reel...) with animated, agitated female anchor shaking her fist at
imperialist aggressor and praising great leader.

*828 Khz* 1309Z NHK2 - JOBB - Osaka - Typical Japanese programming - 300kw
station in the "always there" category

**837 Khz* 1332Z - CNR5 - Fujian (T) - 1st time hearing an armchair signal
here with Chinese talk and music - likely a SW // for this but did not
pursue in the excitement

**846 Khz* 1333Z - Mystery talker - 10 minutes into the YouTube reel -
would love an opinion of what people might think this is

**855 Khz* 1334Z - DPRK (T) assuming the martial music rising above the
crud-storm that, for me, is always 855 Khz. Lots of stuff on this channel.

*864 Khz* 1318Z UNID - not performing as well this AM during my frequent
passes - more band music and the occasional unidentifiable conversations

*873 Khz* 1323Z  NHK2 - JOAB - Kumamoto -  // to 774 JOUB Akita - fair on
peaks fighting a plasma TV buzz or something.

*891 Khz* 1335Z  UNID - something with a different feeling today - muddy
talk and a different kind of music - not the starch of NHK and no bouncy
Korean style programming

*909 Khz* 1336Z UNID - flipped passed here numerous times - always audible
and always nagging the heck out of 910

*945 Khz* 1336Z UNID - Thought I had a Japanese sounding OM here but did
not attempt any // hunt and ravaged by 950 slop

*954 Khz* 1337Z TBS JOKR Tokyo (t) Better this morning with commercial
sounding content and Japanese Girl/Man exchanges

*963 Khz* 1337Z CRI China (600kw) - Russian again - not as robust sounding
as in previous mornings

*972 Khz* 1343Z KBS HLCA - Korean - honking! on the youTube reel with full
quieting - signal winner of the morning I think.

*RECEIVERS - DRAKE R8  //  AOR 7030+ //  DX150B // Spotter Hall-Patch
online fish barrel //*

Colin Newell - Editor and creator *of *
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