Thanks to Dennis and Bill for their detailed reports. Results here were similar 
to Dennis' version, with fewer Japanese and a few more Koreans (as usual). 
Similar to yesterday, a decent sunrise enhancement boosted up the Japanese and 
Korean big guns to potent levels, and brought up a few second-tier Asians as 

At my 1300 start time the band sounded very similar to yesterday's, with all 
the Asians except for 747-JOIB and 1566-HLAZ generally subdued in the predawn 
darkness. A few Chinese mid-band stations on 1017, 1035 and 1044 were 
struggling to get out of the noise but could only stay in audio for a few 
seconds each, and there was weak audio in and out from a presumed 738-BEL2. 
Sunrise enhancement kicked in around 1345 here, causing 594-JOAK, 693-JOAB, 
747-JOIB, 828-JOBB and 972-HLCA all to rise up to very good levels in and out, 
and also give a boost to the mid-band Chinese stations. At 1350 I tuned in to 
1044 expecting the usual CRI Japanese service but heard fair-level Korean 
instead, and 1035-CNR1's echoes were weakly audible in the domestic splatter. 
603-HLSA and 738-BEL2 both had several fair peaks before the 1400 TOH but 
couldn't maintain much sustained energy, while 972-HLCA briefly hit an S9 level 
with Korean female speech and 1355 (as the strongest Asian of the session). 
 After the 1400 TOH there was a repeat of yesterday's potent run from 
657-Pyongyang, with the wacky station hitting a very good level around 1407 
with bizarre female vocal music. As Dennis has also noticed the signals from 
657-Pyongyang seem to be dramatically stronger this season compared to last, 
making me wonder if the hermit country has surreptitiously boosted its 
transmitter power (it doesn't care much for international rules and 
regulations). Like yesterday Pyongyang bailed around 1415 with the NHK big guns 
and 972-HLCA, which was the last one standing around 1420. 

657 Pyongyang B.S. Pyongyang, N. Korea Spooky female vocal music at very good 
level at 1407; sounding like a Halloween movie sound track (a little early) 

73 and Good DX, 
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA) 
7.5" loopstick C.Crane Skywave Ultralight + 
15" FSL antenna 

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