Hi all - a couple of Romanians showed up last night that I hadn't heard
before. Both relatively low power, 15 kW. 


Kind regards,






1. ROMANIA - SRR Radio Actualitati 1530 kHz (Radauti) 2358-0003 UTC: Ro talk
and mx, clear ID at TOH, news. Fair, but low signal strength. DKAZ pulled
through with it's low noise properties. Recording from 2358.






2. ROMANIA - SRR Radio Actualitati 1593 kHz (Ion Corvin) 2359-0003 UTC: Ro
anncmnts and brief splash of mx, clear ID at TOH. Fair again with low signal
strength. Both this abd above were not the co-channel regionals. Recording
from fade up at 2359.





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