Thank you Gary.  John told me DU reception was possible here, especially around 
the equinoxes.  He mentioned 5AN-891 should be one of the easiest.  But that's 
difficult due to nearby KTLR-890, (1 kW) Oklahoma City, as well as 50 kW 
powerhouse 50 kW WLS is often heard after sunrise here.  It does kick up one 
hell of a heterodyne many mornings.  John and Kirk Allen were avid Indonesia 
tropical band DXers.  

I doubt DU reception would be possible on a barefoot ULR.  It needs a good 
antenna such as a FSL.  Yesterday I heard JOUB on the same SRF-T615 used to 
hear it the first time in 2008.  The signal was better than then.  

The best of DX to you.


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