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Good morning,
Listened from 1357-1428 utc. The Pacific Northwest storm has arrived in Kalama 
with peak winds of 13 mph and .38 inches of rain. Signals seemed attenuated and 
splatter was down on many of the channels with audio this morning. Very weak 
signals on 7 of the 11 stations heard this morning were very weak of less 
signal wise. 

567 JAPAN, JOIK, Sapporo, NHK1 1357 very weak signal with woman speaker. 

594 JAPAN, JOAK Tokyo, NHK1 1358 fair signal with man in Japanese, 10/13/2016

603  REP KOREA, Seoul, HLSA 1407 just above threshold with piano music. 

693  JAPAN, JOAB, Tokyo, NHK2 1400 pips with fair signal and splatter. 

738  TAIWAN, Baisha, BEL 1410 poor signal with man/woman speakers. 10/13/2016

774  JAPAN, JOUB Akita, NHK2 1402 good signal with English lessons. 10/13/2016

792  AUSTRALIA, 4RN,Brisbane, ABC 1415 assuming the station with poor signal 
with male speaker. Soon faded out. 10/13/2016

828  JAPAN, JOBB, Osaka, NHK2 1423 fair signal with no splatter. English 
lessons. 10/14/2016

1008 JAPAN, JONR, Osaka, ABC,1424 weak signal with slow talking man in 
Japanese. 10/14/2016

1044 CHINA, CRI Changzhou, 1426 very weak with woman speaker. 10/14/2016 

1566 REP OF KOREA, HLAZ, Jeju 1419 very weak with male speaker. 10/13/2016

Best regards,

Dennis  Vroom, 
Kalama, WA
JRC NRD 545 NW ewe
Local Sunrise 1426 utc

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