Best signal here was rough audio from Absolute radio on 1215 --
quite a few good carriers but all getting based severely by mega splash,
local noise, etc.

1089 might have had some English talk for around 15s.

My N Flag also looks at my neighbours plasma TV so - there is S3 to S7
garbage across most bands
when his TV is on.

I have a 54" Bravia by Sony that you can park a Sony 2010 next to (within 2
and it will not interfere with anything. Plasma TV's are an abomination.

My neighbour, who retired a broadband over power line device, when it was
revealed that it was putting a rat-a-tat noise across the entire band
except ham bands,
would probably be open to a new TV if I talked to him about it -
Heck, I would help pay for it.

What we do for our hobby.

On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 7:52 AM, Neil Kazaross <> wrote:

> Nigel, 1413 puts in a decent carrier often. Which TA are you getting there?
> 73 KAZ near Chicago

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