Awesome story!

Could you imagine what young people, of today,  will tell their
grandchildren when they grow old...

"Now Billy, way back in the early part of the 21st Century, I stood in line
at the APPLE store for 3 days to get the iPhone 15! Those were the days!!"

I am only in my 50's and feel quite youthful - but honestly... if the young
people today are the leaders and thinkers of the future.... heaven help us!

Your story is so sweet I am going to forward it to former CBC RCI Host Ian

On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 3:32 PM, Richard Allen <>

> Colin:
> Thanks for the post.
> A short wave broadcast from the CBC IS (later RCI) station at Sackville
> was the very first I heard.  It was a late Sunday afternoon in winter and I
> was listening on an old receiver found in the upstairs of my grandmother’s
> house.  The broadcast contained a mailbag program hosted by Earle Fisher,
> and the frequency was 11.72 Mc/s.  Surprising what I still remember!   I
> became a regular listener of the service until the end.
> Interestingly, while I was stationed in England a few years later, I heard
> my first trans-Atlantic medium wave DX from CBA-1070, Sackville.
> The QSL cards from those two broadcasts are among my most treasured.
> Richard Allen.
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