It was another cool DU morning here, although after yesterdays's reception of 
2BL-774 I expected better (LSR 1236 GMT).

613 unID (4QR?) het in KCSP & XEGS-610 slop at 1121 and still audible at 
702 2BL carrier first noticed in WLW-700 splash at 0828; barely audible talk at 
1244 and 1247; carrier still heard after 1300.
738 unID (Tahiti?) het in sideband of nearby 25 kW KRMG-740.
774 3LO barely audible at 1225; barely audible woman talking //internet at 1232.
792 unID (4RN?) het with 790 splatter at 1238.
1098 unID (V7AB?) het in WTAM-1100 splash, at 0801.
1116 unID (4BC?) trace of signal with KMOX-1120 splash.
1548 unID (4QD?) weak carrier at 1042.
Nothing observed on 567 or 891 kHz.

Richard Allen,
near Perry OK USA,
PL-380 with 8" FSL.

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