When I was climbing into the shower at 1350U, 612 was audible on my Gary
DeBock super-modified Eton E100 ULR -- in the shower-room -
so that gives you an idea what a few of the DU's were like.

Alas, peak listening is now happening when I am showering and shaving for
another work day Monday - to Friday.

For those with some memories -  54 years ago almost to the day!

On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 7:38 AM, Nick Hall-Patch <n...@ieee.org> wrote:

>    The low band sure opened up after 1400UT or so.   Before, I couldn't
> say, ahem, this was the morning to both foul up the recording and sleep in.
> ABC teletalk on quite a few channels and the Maori stations on 765 and 603
> as well.  Report later.
> best wishes,
> Nick

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