Hi all - I was reviewing a couple of old SDR files that I hadn't had a
chance to listen to on the day, and thought I'd pass this one along.


I'm pretty happy with this one, new country for me that I don't think is
often reported. I note that it is outside of the MWList times that it is
supposed to be on, but the ID is clear and unmistakeable as is the IS.


1. ANGOLA - RNA Radio N'gola Yetu 945 kHz 06 Sep 2016 2358-0003 UTC 25 kW:
ID at 2358 'Radio Nacional Angola', IS with drums and 'twang', mentions of
Angola a few times, local instrumental, 4 time pips, into presumed news. Bit
of a fade from 0000 to 0001:30, but back to fair or better strength by 0002.
Fair, 25442. Rcdg from 2358 UTC.





Kind regards,




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