Unlike Colin's Victoria results this mediocre location didn't deliver much 
Asian DX after 1400, but the signals prior to that weren't very energetic 

The usual collection of Japanese and Korean big guns took a while to show up on 
594, 693, 747, 828, 972, 1134 and 1566, peaking with fair signals in and out 
around 1340. Second tier Asians were in short supply, with only poor audio at 
times on 558 (sounded Korean) and 657 (sounded angry Korean) around 1350. The 
"super storm" predicted for this area turned out to be pretty much of a fizzler 
at this location, with electricity (and electrical RF noise) suffering no 
interruptions. Hopefully the Grayland antennas are intact, and all the other 
local DXers escaped property damage as well. After suffering through the 
vicious storm at Rockwork 4 on July 10th Tom R. must feel like the nasty 
weather is following him around. 

73 and Good DX, 
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA) 
7.5" loopstick C.Crane Skywave Ultralight + 
15" FSL antenna 

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