What was odd between yesterday and today was:

Nick's Fish Barrel was lit up yesterday and I got virtually nothing (it was
more of a DU morning...)
Today the Fish Barrel was much more sketchy and had less of everything on
it - and yet I
was getting audio on channels that were not even registering on the FB.

Which means my W/NW Flag is definitely more favourable towards Asian /
North Asian reception.

Thinking it might be time to try reversing my N/NE Flag to a S/SW to see
how it does on the DU's --
because the TA's seemed to be far and few between at the moment.

Mornings review:

Audio (mostly Asian) on 567, 594, 603, (AUS)612, 702(JJ), 774, 801(UNID),
828, 891(JJ), 909 (still audio at 1439!), 918(JJ), 945(JJ), 954(JJ
Armchair!), 963 Russian, 972 (still armchair at 1440!), 1008(JJ),
1053(JAM), 1098,   1143(Chinese) (Chinese at 1441U), 1242(JJ), 1269,
1278(JJ), 1332, 1386(JJ) (1444U) , 1422,

On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 8:42 AM, <d1028g...@comcast.net> wrote:

> Unlike Colin's Victoria results this mediocre location didn't deliver much
> Asian DX after 1400, but the signals prior to that weren't very energetic
> either.
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