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Listening for 4 minutes before hitting the shower - exactly the same... To the 
db I think. Very auroral.

Colin Newell - CoffeeCrew.com - VA7WWV - Victoria - BC

Ditto here - auroral.  That means tons of South Americans, Caribbean stations, 
Cuba, etc.

TA's are the southerly stuff: Canary Islands, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Spain et 

711 out of Western Sahara and 783 Mauritania have superpower carriers just 
after sunset.  612 Morocco another big one.  Too bad the modulation level on 
all these is something like 10%.  Audio on the 549 Algerian, on the other hand, 
is great.

Most of the interesting DX has been on the lower half of the dial.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION
South Yarmouth, MA

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