My wife asked me, after I quoted several DXer's including Robert Ross of
Ontario who is helping me get a handle on SDR usage.

The topic was: "Why are the new fleet of SDR's so much better that the
classic radios of old?"

I kid you not - my wife asked me this on the way to the University this

I thought about for a bit and it dawned on me that a truly great
communications receiver (traditional analog or synth receiver)
has not been designed in 30 years. That includes the likes of the 7030+ or
t he Drake R8 or even the Eton E1.

I added, "Cell phones and personal devices are always getting better - they
are in a state of evolution..."
"Example - a modern smart phone is light years ahead of the World's first
"shoe" phones of 25 years ago..."

So - if you think about the last time a great receiver was developed and
the first time a cell phone was released,
that was about the same time.

We have come a long way baby.

So, as Robert Ross of Ontario pointed out....
It is entirely possible that the latest versions of the SDR, like the
Perseus and the ELAD are, in fact, "better" in many ways
than  the Drake and LOWE/AOR receivers.

Having actually used the ELAD for a hour here and and hour there - I was
stunned by the amount of control one has over it
and the quality of the output - that is, the actual quality of the
listening on signals and its resistance to overload.

We have come a ways indeed.

Colin Newell - Editor and creator *of *
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