One station I don't pay attention to often is WCPT 820
Chicago.  At night they put a rather poor signal here, in
their null to the SW.  Perhaps a few 10's of watts are
aimed my way, mixing with WBAP in the background with a
noticeable SAH.

I did listen early this morning to their night signal and
heard a very noticeable echo effect in the audio.  After
their switch to day power at 06:00 CDT this morning the
audio cleans right up.

Tonight the noticeable echo is again there.  Why only at
night?  It sounds like a crappy cell phone connection with
an echo.  Do they have a separate day and night site?  If
so maybe the line or feed for the night site is causing
the problem.

I just wonder if any of the staff actually listen in to
their night signal.

Tom Jasinski
Joliet, IL

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