The Highway 101 ocean cliff turnoff was jammed with vehicles this morning as 
two "sleeping squatters" joined Tom and me in the early morning darkness. Since 
Tom had arrived first (and was fully set up by 1200) it was my job to squeeze 
in between the two "squatters," hoping that they would not wake up and make any 
real estate claims. As it turned out they were crashed for the duration, 
despite having three huge FSL antennas deployed all around them. 

DU propagation was good to New Zealand (what else is new?) and OK to Australia, 
but after Friday's awesome session I think that Tom was looking for more exotic 
fare. 558-Fiji was in there throughout the session, but seemed to be stuck in 
the "Twilight Zone" between KPQ splatter and enough strength for a serious 
breakout. 531-More FM continues to come in like a regular, a drastic change 
from previous DXpeditions when it was a very rare catch. The 2 kW 1026-Newstalk 
ZB overachiever had its best signal ever here this morning (sounding like a 
Kiwi big gun), while the 594-Star network was roasting the Oz big gun 3WV. 
666-2CN made an unusual appearance here at 1320, and 585-7RN showed up again 
for the fourth time in six days. 

The main highlight of the morning here was the first ocean beach test of the 
new 3.5 inch (89mm) "Frequent Flyer" FSL antenna, a model specifically designed 
for long-range airline travel. It tracked down several Kiwi and Oz big guns at 
potent strength, providing serious inductive coupling boosts to a stock CC 
Skywave. But it wasn't the only "Frequent Flyer" model at the cliff this 
morning-- Tom's drone aircraft with a high-resolution video camera made a nice 
test flight right above the plunging ocean cliff, hopefully taking unique 
photos of the awesome scenery. 

531 More FM Alexandra, NZ, 2 kW Another Kiwi ad string at potent strength at 
1307 (unfortunately I can't translate Kiwi, Theo); in a snarl with NZ 
co-channel PI all session long 
A typical, half-second More FM ID by the Yankee-accented male voice at 27 
seconds into this recording at 1313. They have been using these super short 
ID's for at least two years 

531 PI Auckland, NZ, 5 kW Very good level R&B music at 1237 during a brief 
break from More FM competition 

558 Radio Fiji One Suva, Fiji, 10 kW Stuck in the twilight zone between KPQ 
splatter and a decent breakout at 1258 

567 RNZ Wellington, NZ, 50 kW Finally a powerful signal from this ex-big gun at 
1239, whose potent transoceanic signal generally collapsed along with its old 
tower a couple of years back 

594 Star Timaru/ Wanganui, NZ, 5/ 2 kW The powerful weather report from the 
Kiwi Star network sends the Oz big gun 3WV to the showers 

603 Radio Waatea Auckland, NZ, 5 kW Powerful Maori vocal music at 1312z on the 
17" Monster FSL (during antenna comparison with the 3.5" Baby FSL) 

666 2CN Canberra, Australia, 5 kW Pretty unusual appearance at the "Kiwi Cliff" 
late in the session at 1320 

1026 Newstalk ZB Kaitaia, NZ, 2 kW Awesome signal from this low-powered Kiwi 
relay with female talk during call-in program at 1247 

73 and Good DX, 
Gary DeBock (DXing at the Rockwork 4 ocean side cliff near Manzanita, OR, USA) 
7.5 inch loopstick CC Skywaves + 
17 inch and 15 inch Monster FSL antennas 

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