It certainly seemed like DU propagation kicked back into the exceptional stage 
this morning from Australia, NZ and Fiji, but unlike last Friday (with Tom) 
there was no Perseus-SDR DXer to record the bonanza. 558-Radio Fiji One was the 
main star of the session with awesome signals from 1305-1330, while a presumed 
585-2WEB (not // 576) wasn't far behind with its rock music late in the session 
around 1335. The NZ regulars 531-PI and 603-Waatea easily pegged the PL-380's 
S/N readout at 25, while 1017-Newstalk ZB (2.5 kW) made its first decent 

The ocean cliff was crowded with "interlopers" (as Tom calls them) as I drove 
up in total darkness at 1150 (0450 local time), but I decided to set up the 
FSL's in between them, anyway. For the first time ever an "interloper" 
approached me in the total darkness and stared at me within 10 feet of my DXing 
position, which provided a little early excitement in the session. Oddly enough 
this turned out to be a lady, who finally asked if I was "investigating the 
clouds." After my technical explanation of FSL antenna theory she lost interest 
very quickly, and promptly returned to her vehicle. 

Longwave propagation was dead, but as soon as I set up an FSL on 531 kHz around 
1210 a torrent of S9 signals pounded in, including the Kiwi regular PI and an 
Australian talk-format station that wasn't 4KZ (which was playing oldies at the 
time). Finally the talk format station had a commercial ad, which narrowed its 
identity down to a probable 2PM (which would be the fifth DU station to be 
heard on 531 during this DXpedition, after PI, More FM, 4KZ and 6DL). The 
rejuvenated 558-Fiji had modest signals until about 1300, when it seemed to get 
a turbo boost to reach the strongest level I have ever heard (S9) in any North 
American recording. Late in the session around 1335 a presumed 585-2WEB (not // 
576, like its very weak Tasmanian co-channel) went on a monster run to reach 
its best level (S9) ever heard in any ocean cliff DXpedition. It was the last 
DU signal on the band around 1345, finishing up a seriously enhanced session. 

531 2PM Kempsey, Australia, 5 kW (presumed) Australian call-in talk station 
with strong signals at 1242 running commercial ads and not 4KZ (which was 
audible with oldies music under it, at times). This seems like the only real 

531 PI Auckland, NZ, 5 kW Samoan music at overwhelming strength at 1248; this 
was the strongest signal from this station received in over two years 

558 Radio Fiji One Suva, Fiji, 10 kW Reaching S9 levels at times from 
1300-1330, this rejuvenated Pacific island wonder was the real star of a very 
exciting session. Three exceptional Fiji island choral music MP3's are linked 

585 UnID-Oz Yikes! This S9 rock music recording at 1335 was not // 576, which 
means that it is most likely 2WEB, Outback Radio in Bourke. If so, it would be 
far and away the strongest signal ever heard from David Sharp's station 

603 Radio Waatea Auckland, NZ, 5 kW Another science-fiction level signal from 
this Kiwi regular with music and female Maori chants at 1303 

702 2BL-Magic mix The Auckland oldies station runs out of Magic up against the 
Oz big gun, leaving it will little but "Sorrow" 

73 and Good DX, 
Gary DeBock (DXing at the Rockwork 4 ocean cliff near Manzanita, OR, USA) 
7.5 inch loopstick CC Skywave and Tecsun PL-380 Ultralights + 
17 inch and 15 inch Monster FSL antennas 

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