David Sharp, programming director of 585-2WEB in Bourke, Australia ("Outback 
Radio") has confirmed the blowtorch reception of the station yesterday morning 
at the Rockwork 4 cliff, calling it "the strongest level I've ever heard for TP 

David is an ex-U.S. DXer and member of our Ultralight Radio Yahoo group. My 
first contact with him was in 2010, when I was complaining on the Ultralight 
list about "the dumb Australian station on 585 that plays rock music but never 
ID's." He listened to a song in my MP3 and sent me a QSL out of the blue, after 
checking the station's music log. I promptly "took back" what I had said about 
the station :-) 

Gary DeBock (in Nehalem, OR, USA) 

<<< I checked our music log. Definitely 2WEB at the strongest level I've ever 
heard for TP reception. 

Gary- you already have two QSL letters and this is your fourth reception of the 
station (also a record for a single DXer), let me know if you want another QSL. 

2WEB gets almost no reports these days! 


David >>> 

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