About a week ago I noticed that WCPT 820 had a horrible
echo effect in their audio.  I don't know when it started
as I don't check this frequency that often.  This echo
went on for a few more days until I finally notified the
station by e-mail.

And, a day and a half later their audio problem is corrected.

The question I have is;  Don't station owners, and staff,
check their night signal every day?  All it would take is
a few minutes to tune in and if everything is fine tune

Why do they wait for some listener to complain before
checking their own signal?

Over the past 25 years, at least once a year, I have
contacted a station somewhere in the mid-west about a
problem with their signal.

And I have gotten mixed feedback.  One local station,
after a phone call (before e-mail existed), actually
thanked me for calling.  Another station when called
actually told me in so many words to mind my own business.
 The guy said "Who the hell are you to tell me that WE
have a problem!"

Tom Jasinski
Joliet, IL

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