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All times and dates strictly UT [5 hours ahead of `ELT` during EST; when 
changing times one must also change the dates for events in the 00-05 UT period 
to the previous date by ELT].

Rx: mostly DX-398 with internal antenna only or PL-880; NRD-545 with ALA-330S 
inside E-W or inside randomwire N-S; Nissan stock caradio as specified; IC-R75 
with E-W longwire.

These logs are excerpts from my daily all-band reports, mainly SWBC, also 
VHF/UHF, sometimes, utility, ham, which may be found in several archives 
without much delay, such as 

And compiled weekly along with extensive news from many other individuals and 
publications in DX LISTENING DIGEST: 

All my MW DX reports starting August 2011 are archived in this forum with open 
[over 279,000 views! as of February 2, 2018]

These logs are in four sections, Canada [if any], Oklahoma [if any], rest of 
USA [if any], unidentified [if any], separated by ======= Within each, they are 
in frequency order

** CANADA. 800, Jan 31 at 0638 UT, string of promos with non-IDs only as ``AM 
800``, duh, we already know the frequency! One has a 519-area code, which chex 
for Windsor, i.e. CKLW, and back to C2CAM. Not hard to get this past KQCV OKC 
at right angle, really looking for the new 450 kW from PJB Bonaire. Supposed to 
be on the NNW beam toward Cuba and Florida at 0000-0300 UT only (Glenn Hauser, 


** U S A. 2960, Jan 28 at 0121 UT, VP harmonic signal with heavy beat music, 
120/minute. Has to be from 1480 or 740. Certainly not // the dominant 1480 
here, Spanish KBXD; nor 740 KRMG/CFZM. 0123 YL DJ, S7 peaks. ECSS engaged, and 
this helps a little, maybe making the difference. 0131 UT up to S8-S9 with 
classic rock, 0132 fade for announcement, soul tune. 0135 UT, ``Greatest hits 
of all time, WADX(?) 1480``, weather: 59 degrees now, predicted low 57. 0136 UT 
brief QRM from stronger 2962-USB aero contact with Selcall. Figuring I can look 
up the call later, I move on, but 0200 UT recheck, can`t copy ID, only maybe 
another slogan ``best music you know``.

Oh oh, No WADX call in NRC AM Log for 1480, nor anything fuzzily similar. To 
FCC AM Query displaying all the 1480 stations: there it is right at the top: 
WABF, Mobile AL. This is a new call effective Dec 6, 2017, replacing WERM which 
replaced something else Aug 19, 2014.

WERM was NOStalgia format, per NRC, and now WABF is still 5/4.4 kW U2, which 
means direxional at night only:
Major lobe goes SE, virtually nothing to the WNW. Also check:
Likely on ND day pattern if not power, how much of it on the double?

And refers to own website which leads to:

I also check the NWS for Mobile, and find current temp 60, predicted low 58, a 
close match to WABF`s version.

There was a call swap with 1220, which NRC had listed as:
1220 WABF Fairhope AL 1000/30 U1

Then searching the DXLD archive on WERM, Terry Krueger in Clearwater FL 

``1479.958, ALABAMA, WERM, Mobile. 0951 October 22, 2017. Sérgio Méndez "Never 
Gonna Let You Go" into The Jackson 5 "The Love You Save" then Frankie Valli, no 
ID over the top of hour, Fleetwood Mac "Silver Springs" live rendition, finally 
at 1009, male canned "Great music on your local station, WABF, go online at... 
WABF 1480." They pretend to be WABF, which is still the assigned calls for the 
sister station on 1220 kc/s (per the FCC dB), and WABF apparently pretends to 
be WERM (not audible with XEB blocking the channel). One website of sorts is 
wabf1220.net. Read the Wiki separate entries for WERM and WABF for the 
convoluted story on these two. Apparently the problems continue, with this 
off-frequency and drifting very slightly from this center measurement.``

I did not check for exact frequency, but if still as above on fundamental, it 
would now be harmonicizing on 2959.916. Will recheck.

I had forgotten that WERM was putting out 2x harmonic just over a year ago in 
January 2017, which I had logged as follows:

```UNIDENTIFIED. 2960, Jan 7, 2017 at 0320 UT, stable JBA carrier with trace of 
modulation, but with QRN adding up to S9+10. Checking here since Tim Tromp had 
reported the night before to the harmonics yg,

``WERM Mobile AL, 2 x 1480 on 2960 with a decent signal and modulation during 
peaks with black gospel music. WERM calls clearly heard between songs making 
for an easy ID on 2960 but no luck logging them on their intended frequency of 
1480 here. 73, Tim Tromp, West Michigan``.

It`s licensed for 4400 watts at night on 1480, so how much on 2960? 

2960, Jan 12, 2017 at 0722 UT, S4 signal with trace of music, presumed the 
currently active harmonic of 1480, WERM, Mobile AL. 2960, Jan 12 at 1310 UT, 
still VP carrier at S4``` 

2959.992, Jan 28 at 0709 UT, JBA carrier here, from presumed WABF Mobile AL 
second harmonic as logged earlier, so now very close to on-frequency 
fundamental 1480 rather than 1479.958 as logged by Krueger on October 22. 

It`s notable that of the thousands of US AM stations, 2x harmonix are so rare; 

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