I'm the buddy down the street that Billy Brooks referred to! I started
around age 12 (1956) with a Zenith All-American Five table radio. Heard
some remarkable BCB DX, most notably HCJB-1310. Upgraded to a Hallicrafters
S-85 and 200' longwire, and all thru HS (1958-1962) enjoyed those wondrous
Monday AMs w/open channels, kilowatt Californians, f/cs, ETs, DX tests,
Dixie sign-ons at 4 a.m., and SSS westward from my home in PA to CO. Still
DX with car stereo as I commute, SRS and SSS. Casual DX with a CCrane
Skywave SSB and Grundig Satellite 750. Just bought an Icom 7300, MFJ-1886
amped loop, and Yaesu rotor to use when I retire some day (I'm 74) and have
time for DX!

Fred Schroyer
Waynesburg, PA 15370
(50 miles SW of Pittsburgh)
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