1566 plays Echo of the Gospel in the 2am local hour (assuming your given time 
of 17:50 would be UTC). The program is produced by 106.9 //1188 Incheon and 
usually airs in the 4am hour on that station. 1188 runs VOA in the overnight 
hours, but not at that specific time. If something got mixed up with 1188, that 
could send VOA to 1566, though I doubt that. Both stations run English 
programming sometimes, and some of the Korean programs are bilingual as well. 
Perhaps you stumbled upon it right at the right time. I've noted that many 
times, at least until Pyongyang upped its power and made FEBC a real pain in 
the rear end to listen to. But the online schedule shows no VOA. The best you 
could do would be to listen to the 1566 stream of the program when it comes on 
and see if you hear English. I always say I want to listen to a program stream, 
but I get sidetracked by shiny things and forget.

-Chris Kadlec
 Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide

Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2018 18:05:12 +0000
From: Volodya S <can...@gmail.com>
Subject: [IRCA] 1566 HLAZ now with VOA

I happened to be listening to HLAZ via a Korean Perseus remote SDR and
noted VOA Korean (? I think?)  programming.  Constant mentions of VOA and
giving website address.  All this at 17:50 tune in.  No sign of any
jamming.  HLAZ ID mentioned before the TOH.  Presumably back to HLAZ
programming after the TOH.  Very strong, of course!   73,  Walt Salmaniw,
Victoria, BC

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