Another respectable Japanese morning. Most interesting signal was on 1575, which didn't have a VOA sound today. Never logged AFN here, but seems possible.

531 JOQG Morioka, JAPAN Traces of man talking at 1259, then NHK pips at the hour

567 JOIK Sapporo, JAPAN Poor, with man and woman talking in Japanese at 1444.

594     JOAK    Tokyo, JAPAN    Man in Japanese at 1356.

666 JAPAN Best signal of the season from this one with man in Japanese at 1357, but quickly faded to more normal levels.

693 JOAB Tokyo, JAPAN Fair signal with time pips at 1300, then woman in Japanese.

747                     JAPAN   Music at 1359, time pips, language lesson, 

774 JOUB Akita, JAPAN Piano music at 1259, the pips and woman in Japanese, //693.

828 JOBB Osaka, JAPAN Music at 1259, pips at 1300 and woman in Japanese, //stronger 774 and 693. Much better by 1400.

1566    HLAZ    Jeju, S.KOREA     Fair, with man and woman in Japanese at 1258.

1575 unID Presumed this was VOA at first, but music went through the bottom of the hour, when I think VOA is supposed to switch languages. Weak signal, but nearly all music for the next 15 minutes, not very VOAish, so AFN would seem possible too.

Nigel Pimblett
Dunmore, Alberta
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