As Nick described in his detailed Victoria report there was somewhat of a 
Chinese propagation breakthrough around daybreak here on the west coast, but 
unlike on February 15th it was limited, and ran out of steam pretty quickly. 
Here in Puyallup its main presence was noticed on 639, but 603 and 657 also had 
modest Chinese signals pushing the Korean regulars down into the noise around 
1430. 738 just barely managed some Chinese audio after the KCBS fadeout. The 
Koreans on 603 and 657 were pretty potent in the predawn darkness, however, 
with Pyongyang BS blasting in with several S9 peaks from 1330-1400 (why doesn't 
this wacky station ever bother the Victoria DXers for a change?).

639  CNR1 Synchros   China   Male Chinese speech at a good level at 1422; as 
usual this signal came out of nowhere during sunrise enhancement, having been 
dead silent in the predawn darkness

657  Pyongyang-China Mix   During sunrise enhancement at 1427 the first sign of 
China was this weak co-channel under Pyongyang's female vocals, but the 
situation was reversed after a few minutes. China fizzled out pretty quickly, 

657  Pyongyang BS   The typical, overwhelming (S9) martial music at 1345 in the 
predawn darkness-- one of several huge peaks before bailing as daylight 

73 and Good DX,

Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

Stock CC Skywave SSB Ultralight +

15" FSL antenna  

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