A mix of TP and DU signals this morning, with the biggest surprise begin a decent signal on 1701 from Islamic Voice.

594     JOAK    Tokyo, JAPAN    Traces of woman in Japanese at 1321.    

693     JOAB    Tokyo, JAPAN    Man and woman presenting language lesson at 

747     JOIB    Sapporo, JAPAN  Man in Japanese during language lesson at 1326.

774 JOUB Akita, JAPAN Man and woman presenting English lesson at 1258, //693.

828     JOBB    Osaka, JAPAN    Man and woman with language lesson at 1258, 
//774 etc.

873 JOGB Kumamoto, JAPAN Woman in Japanese during language lesson at 1333.
972     HLCA    Danjing, S.KOREA        Traces of talk by man at 1331
1116    4BC     Brisbane, AUSTRALIA     News by woman at 1301

1188    JOKP    Kitami, JAPAN       Man in Japanese at 1333, stronger than // 

1566    HLAZ    Jeju, S.KOREA   Man speaking in Japanese at 1307.

1611    Vision Radio    AUSTRALIA       Christian music at 1302.
                        Confirmed with Australian SDR.

1701.02 Islamic Voice Melbourne, AUSTRALIA Fair signal with Koran recitations at 1357. Confirmed // with Melbourne SDR. Nothing from the other users of 1701.

Lots of carriers too, with particularly strong ones on 639, 846, and  936.


Nigel Pimblett
Dunmore, Alberta
Perseus SDR and Wellbrook Phased Array
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