Much less in terms of audio today and more of an Asian slant, though the DU carries were still plentiful.

576     unID    traces of man speaking at 1236

594     JOAK    Tokyo, JAPAN    Man in Japanese at 1226

774     JOUB    Akita, JAPAN    Woman in Japanese during language lesson at 

972     HLCA    Danjing, S.KOREA        Man in Korean at 1224

1107    unID    Traces of talk at 1221

1116    4BC     Brisbane, AUSTRALIA     Ad for investment seminar at 1241.

1296    unID    traces of man speaking at 1242

1386    NHK2    synchros, JAPAN   Woman in English during language lesson at 

1566    HLAZ    Jeju, S.KOREA   Woman in Japanese at 1233


Nigel Pimblett
Dunmore, Alberta
Perseus SDR and Wellbrook Phased Array
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