Got a bit of a later start today, as the cats didn't wake up up on time! It was back to all Australia this morning. Having the Commonwealth Games on certainly makes it much easier to pick out the ABC stations that are carrying it.

576     2RN     Sydney, AUSTRALIA    Woman interviewing a man at 1247

585     7RN     Hobart, AUSTRALIA       //576 with woman interviewing man at 

612     4QR     Brisbane, AUSTRALIA     Games coverage at 1250

675 2CO Corowa, AUSTRALIA Presumed the one here, Very weak, but definitely traces of Commonwealth Games coverage at 1245

684     2KP     Kempsey, AUSTRALIA   Commonwealth Games coverage at 1245

702     2BL     Sydney, AUSTRALIA       Games coverage at 1254

774     3LO     Melbourne, AUSTRALIA    Games coverage at 1250

1026    4MK     Mackay, AUSTRALIA       Pop music at 1242, nearly at 4BC levels.

1116    4BC     Brisbane, AUSTRALIA     Regular talk program at 1242.

1512 unID Traces of talk at 1252. Very likely 2RN in Newcastle, but didn't have a good // at that moment.

1548    4QD     Emerald, AUSTRALIA      Two men with Games coverage at 1254

1611 Vision synchros, AUSTRALIA Tentatively the one with woman talking (as it sounded very similar to programing I've heard before), but didn't bother checking.

Also did some overnight recording for the first time in a while. Only had DU carriers, other than faint traces of man and woman talking on 621 at 0802. Perhaps Tuvalu? Since KOJM's IBOC has been off (hurray!!) 621 has become listenable.


Nigel Pimblett
Dunmore, Alberta
Perseus SDR and Wellbrook Phased Array
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