Another calm-weather sunrise session provided more wild, ocean-boosted DX (with 
assistance from the 5" FSL). 918 and 1566 were the priority frequencies this 
morning, and both yielded results-- although maybe not in the way I was hoping 

918 was a real zoo at 1630 with Shandong, 4VL and a third, exotic-sounding 
station bringing up the rear. Just before the 1700 TOH the third station rose 
in strength, featuring an exotic-sounding female foreign language speaker that 
certainly wasn't speaking Mandarin. At the 1700 TOH there were bizarre, tinker 
toy sounding time pips, after which the major pest 4VL reclaimed the frequency. 
On 1566 another huge Oz pest (3NE) was at S9 around 1700, ruling out any chance 
of tracking down some weak Hindu. Prior to this at 1635 I did clearly have a 
DU-English co-channel along with 3NE, so if the programming checks out it's 
possible that Norfolk Island is finally in the bag. 1377 and 1593-CNR1 were 
both at S9+ 30 dB, ruling out any action on those frequencies. Wild!

Gary DeBock (in Aitutaki, Cook Islands)

7.5" loopstick CC Skywave SSB Ultralight +

5" TSA-Friendly FSL antenna. 
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