IETF 107 Virtual
March 21-27, 2020
Hosted By: Huawei

Today’s Virtual Meetings: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Session I
20:00-21:30 UTC: Web Packaging (wpack)

20:00-21:30 UTC: Drone Remote ID Protocol (drip)

Session II    
21:40-22:40 UTC: General Area Dispatch (gendispatch)

22:50-0:30 UTC: IETF Plenary

Please feel free to join informal discussions in the IETF Hallway anytime 
between 19:00-01:00 UTC. Hallway located at 

To convert from UTC to your own timezone, please visit:

Please remember that all sessions are being recorded. Please also:

        - Ensure your video is off
        - Mute your microphone unless you are speaking 
        - Use Webex chat only to join the mic queue
                - “+q” adds you to the queue
                - “-q” removes you from the queue
        - Add your name and affiliation to the virtual bluesheet (the session 
Etherpad) via IETF Datatracker Meeting agenda
        - Join the session Jabber room via IETF Datatracker Meeting agenda
For assistance filling out the session’s etherpad bluesheet, please contact:

For more information on remote participation, please view the Participant’s 
Guide at:

IETF 107 Agenda:

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