Oh, that is quite possible. Sorry about that. I typically keep my prospective AFP entries in private HG repositories and then simply tarball and submit them when it's time. I don't think that ever was a problem before, but it sounds like the most reasonably explanation so far.

Good catch!


On 04/10/16 13:16, Lars Hupel wrote:
It isn’t only about SourceTree. As I mentioned, manually adding Fisher_Yates had no 
effect, and even now "hg diff” shows nothing, even though Fisher_Yates should 
appear as “added” or untracked (given that it’s on my machine and nowhere else). 
I’ve also checked every .hgignore file.

Possibly my copy of the AFP has got corrupted somehow.
I just checked the submission Manuel uploaded to the submission system
and there seems to be an extra ".hg" folder in there. So possibly
Mercurial ignores that directory. It might get fixed by "rm -rf"ing that
extra folder.


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