*** System ***

* Prover IDE support for the Visual Studio Code editor and language
server protocol, via the "isabelle vscode_server" tool (see also
src/Tools/VSCode/README.md). The example application within the VS code
editor is called "Isabelle" and available from its online repository
(the "Marketplace"). It serves as example for further potential IDE

This refers to Isabelle/bb70dc05cd38. It is just a snapshot of ongoing
work towards more general PIDE support in local and remote applications.

The underlying project by MicroSoft follows the slogan "Code. Editing.
Redefined." (see https://code.visualstudio.com). That is interesting in
many respects: MS has become just another open-source company; it has
recently joined the Linux foundation as Platinum member.

Here the "code" editor serves as demo application for PIDE add-on protocols.

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