>> In this case I recommend to bump the baseline for Ubuntu up to 14.04 LTS
>> (or even 16.04 LTS).
> How did you get to that conclusion? Ubuntu LTS support lasts 5 years.
> Empiricially, I've seen the last 3 LTS versions being installed by
> Isabelle users. Consequently, we have only recently dropped 10.04 LTS
> and are now at 12.04 LTS for some years to come.

The current date is 7.4.2017. Thus this is the last month of support for 12.04 

>> And secondly dropping support for OS X Mavericks, since that is also
>> unsupported by Apple right now.
> Dropping Mavericks now would mean to reinstall macbroy2, which is our
> main witness for non-trivial Apple hardware. Such a change comes with
> the risk that the system stops working afterwards: the old saying "never
> change a running system" has some truth in it.

I don’t get why supporting fewer systems is more work. But anyways it was just 
a suggestion.


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