Dear Isabelle developers,

When I am porting some of my old code from Isabelle-2016 to Isabelle2016-1, I 
have encountered a problem that the command “SML_file" does not accept a SML 
file that contains the function “PolyML.IntInf.gcd”. By going through NEWS, I 
found the following entry:

* Low-level ML system structures (like PolyML and RunCall) are no longer
exposed to Isabelle/ML user-space. Potential INCOMPATIBILITY.

I am a little confused as I thought SML_file should accept Standard ML files 
(rather than Poly/ML ones).

By the ways, both SML_file and ML_file in Isabelle2016 accept 
“PolyML.IntInf.gcd", while ML_file in Isabelle2016-1(and the development 
version) accept this command. This further confused me, as I thought ML_file is 
the command that compiles Poly/ML files and should reject “PolyML.IntInf.gcd” 
in Isabelle2016-1 as suggested by NEWS.

Any help is greatly appreciated,
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