As I recall, this constant originally comes from HOL Light and is used in a 
couple of proofs.

And it occurs to me that it might be a good way of dealing with HOL Light’s 
generalisation of summations and limits to sets of natural numbers. As I ported 
the PNT, I used two other methods of dealing with that problem.

At the moment I don’t regard it as heavily used, but I guess it depends on what 
one is working on at any one time.

I would rather have qualified names than completely arbitrary variations of the 


> On 30 Jun 2017, at 15:57, Manuel Eberl <> wrote:
> Still, I for one think this is not really worth the trouble of keeping an 
> entirely separate constant around, especially because "subseq h" does not 
> make much sense: "h" itself is not a subsequence of anything, "f ∘ h" is a 
> sub-sequence of "f".
> It would be interesting to know what other users of Complex_Main think about 
> that.

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