The Ryzen thing was also on my mind, but I have not experienced any of
those instability issues. From what I read, they are extremely rare
under normal use and the error occured a few seconds after initiating
isabelle build.

Besides, I know that Lars does not have a Ryzen CPU, and it would be a
very strange coincidence that he ran into a different issue that also
leads to a JVM crash.

As for Scala, could a problem in the Scala compiler really lead to the
JVM segfaulting? I would have thought if the JVM segfaults, that's a bug
in the JVM. (unless it's a hardware-related issue, of course)

So, all in all, my money would be on the JVM.


On 19/08/17 21:04, Makarius wrote:
> On 19/08/17 20:31, Manuel Eberl wrote:
>>> If you still have that, can you send it to me?
>> Sure.
>>> Since the JVM crash happened during scalac compilation, I recommend to
>>> enforce a fresh build, e.g. like this:
> The log says "java_command: isabelle.Isabelle_Tool build -b
> HOL-Analysis" so this was really the "isabelle build", after scalac
> compilation was finished.
> Reading the tea leaves further, I see the following potential reasons of
> the crash:
>   * jdk-8u144 (see Isabelle/98afae4308f5)
>   * scala-2.12.3 (see Isabelle/96ad7d5ff613)
>   * hardware: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Eight-Core Processor
> I've seen occasional press articles discussing problems of AMD Ryzen,
> e.g.
>       Makarius
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