We are moving towards uniform x86_64 support in Windows, including
x86_64-cygwin (which is likely to behave better concerning infamous "DLL
rebase" problems).

Presently (e.g. in Isabelle/0b3fa8e22f22) this causes a new problem with
OCaml, see also my thread on the Cygwin mailing list:

  $ ocaml nums.cma
  Cannot load required shared library dllnums.
  Reason: /usr/lib/ocaml/stublibs/dllnums.so: flexdll error: cannot
  relocate RELOC_REL32, target is too far: 0xfffffffc02c4c753  0x2c4c753.

I am unsure what the situation of OCaml on Cygwin64 really is.

Maybe some OCaml expert can say more about it.

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