On 02/01/18 19:34, Lawrence Paulson wrote:
> Fonts have been weird for me for some time (clearly wider than jedit “thinks” 
> they are) but now symbols are completely missing. E.g. I see
>   have "integral UNIV (indicator (S \<inter> T)) = integral UNIV (\<lambda>a. 
> if a \<in> S \<inter> T then 1::real else 0)"
> Any idea what could be wrong? I’m using
>> 6afba546f0e5 tip

I have changed the fonts again recently, see Isabelle/ecb74607063f. I've
made a brief test on my MacMini with High Sierra, and it appears to work.

Normally "isabelle components -a" should give you the resulting ttf
files, and Isabelle/jEdit should pick them up.

This can be prevented by having IsabelleText.ttf / IsabelleTextBold.ttf
installed on the system by accident (on macOS in some Library/Fonts
directory, FontBook should be able to tell you). You should remove such
spurious copies of the Isabelle fonts.

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