For those of you interested in formalization of Analysis

I would like to call your attention to this entry because it is rich in concepts and theorems that are more general than the actual focus of the article. I believe quite a bit of the material could be pulled out and made more visible. Here are some pointers:

1. Library/Complement contains both new generic material like "t3_space" but also new concepts like [mono_intros] for more automation in proving of inequalities. In short, there is a wealth of material that might be suitable for inclusion in HOL-Analysis. I have already made a start by moving a few [simp] rules but that is it from me because I am not familiar enough with the Analysis material.

2. Hausdorff_Dinstance, Metric_Completion and Isometries stronly smell of generic concepts that should go somewhere else.
We need a discussion on whether any of the theories deserve a separate AFP 

Sebbastien has already made an effort to separate the generic from the specific. We should capitalize on that, but it needs a bit of voluntary work.


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