On 03/05/18 13:18, Lawrence Paulson wrote:
> I'm encountering a strange phenomenon: the HOL build process runs for just 
> over two minutes (which is not long enough to complete) and then seems to 
> stop running, using 0.1% of the processor. I can repeat it and the same thing 
> happens again. Today I was lucky on the third attempt. What could cause the 
> build to hang and do nothing?

What is your changeset id?

What is the underlying hardware?

What are the build options, e.g. the bottom of the output of "isabelle
build -?" ?

Is that really just the HOL image, or HOL-Proofs? For week I have trie
to evade a resource problem with HOL-Proofs and threads=2. The latest
attempt is 0acf3206a723, but it should not affect the HOL image.

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