On 12/05/18 00:27, Makarius wrote:
> Here is recent timing information for JinjaThreads, which indicates that
> it has suffered recently:
> https://isabelle.sketis.net/devel/build_status/AFP_slow_64bit_6_threads/index.html#session_JinjaThreads
> I.e. it stopped working, and came back to live much slower.

Here are some further results from looking through AFP build_status (the
relevant interval is b91c4acc1aaf:b25ccd85b1fd):

  * faster: Gauss_Jordan, Vickrey_Clarke_Groves, Card_Partitions,
    ArrowImpossibilityGS, Category

  * slower: Stone_Relation_Algebras

It means that the "Generalizations in the formalization of linear
algebra" make things much faster in many situations.

The slowdown of the small session Stone_Relation_Algebras might help to
figure out what is actually going on.

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