My impression is also that it is better to keep HOL-ODE-Numerics non-slow: 
Changes in HOL-Analysis often break HOL-ODE-Numerics, and I think it is better 
to get that feedback earlier (on Jenkins, isatest, or a private -a -X slow 


Am 31. Mai 2018 23:24:50 MESZ schrieb Makarius <>:
>On 31/05/18 16:36, Makarius wrote:
>> Anyway, with approx. 100min CPU time HOL-ODE-Numerics has become
>> eligible for the "AFP slow" category: paradoxically this will make
>> test much faster, but also less accurate in its timing information,
>> because the test hardware and settings are quite different.
>Several sessions depend on HOL-ODE-Numerics:
>HOL-ODE-Examples, Lorenz_Approximation, Lorenz_C0, Lorenz_C1
>So it is better to keep it as non-slow: otherwise the whole tower needs
>to be moved.
>       Makarius
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